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We are a professional association advocating for quality public schools for every child.  Our work includes advocating for better working conditions for teachers, providing professional growth opportunities, and networking and sharing the best teaching practices for the betterment of public schools. Why should you be a member?

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Welcome to the Mesa Education Association!

Mesa Education Association Members,

I want to tell you how excited and humbled I am to be the new president of the Mesa Education Association. I am a proud Mesa educator, my wife is a proud Mesa educator, and both of our children attend Mesa Public Schools.  I started my teaching career at Skyline High School in 2006 and became a member of the MEA that first year. Since then I have served as a faculty representative, a member of the executive board, and as vice president of the MEA. Along with my new role as president, I teach both government and economics at Red Mountain High School.

I believe wholeheartedly in the promise of public education; the great equalizer of our nation. The promise that no matter who a student is or where they come from that they will receive a quality public education that prepares them for a world of opportunities. The promise that every student deserves great teachers, great facilities, and great resources. I know that the MEA along with the Arizona Education Association, and the National Education Association are continually working to deliver on this promise. I know that a great public education starts with the educators in our buildings and that your working conditions are students’ learning conditions. That you can’t do your job providing an amazing public school education if you don’t have the support you need.

My role as president of this association is to advocate for every teacher across our district and by doing that I am advocating for every student and for the entire community of Mesa. We know that a community is only as great as its schools. This advocacy starts in our classrooms and reaches to our superintendency and governing board. Beyond that I will advocate for you and our schools with the community of Mesa and beyond. I hope that I can represent the amazing work you all do every day as you welcome students into your classrooms and teach.

This work cannot be accomplished without you though. This is your association and I will do everything I can to work with you to make sure that Mesa lives up to that promise of public education. I will work alongside you as we find solutions to the issues and obstacles that keep us from providing students the amazing education they deserve.

I hope you will join me in these efforts because I believe in public education and I believe in the amazing educators of Mesa Public Schools who tirelessly dedicate themselves to their students and their community.


Josh Buckley

MEA President


Red Mountain High School

Letter from the President